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MEMORY CODE |audio / video performance
artist: SCHNITT format: audio / video performance concept and music: MARCO MONFARDINI | AMELIE DUCHOW video: MARCO MONFARDINI production: sync 2014
photo by Gridspace
 SCHNITT | MEMORY CODE |  live at ePhil |  Körber Stiftung | Hamburg | live video
Memory Code is an audio/video performance with the central focus on the visual memory With this performance Schnitt works on an image beyond the screen,an image enclosed in the human mind which will be recalled and simulated through the combination of the sound and video. A sort of visual scanner of the memory interfaced with the numerical elaboration of the computer launches of abstract signals. The Intention of Schnitt is to complete this project with the expression of the single spectator’s visual memory.
photos | Körber Stiftung / Claudia Höhne
photo | Körber Stiftung / Claudia Höhne