photo | Körber Stiftung / Claudia Höhne
MARCO MONFARDINI - AMELIE DUCHOW - SCHNITT - Memory Code live at Ephil Festival Hamburg
SCHNITT is a collaboration between the experimental musician Amelie Duchow and the media artist Marco Monfardini evoked from the common interest in electronic music and visual art. The   duo   works   at   the   intersection   between   music,   art   and   technology,   with   a   strong   focus   on   the   cohesiveness   linking   audio   and   video.   Custom-made,   innovative   software   and   electronic devices   allow   SCHNITT   to   develop   complex   A/V   installations   and   site-specific   live   performances   adapted   to   various   exhibition   venues.   Their   use   of   abstract   media   elements,   combined   with their respective perceptions toward technology, creates an equilibrium between their work’s form and concept. In 2010 SCHNITT presents SYNCHROPATH an audio/video project focused on a synchronism as a method of composing, released on Sync | DVD and 12” LP. With SYNCHROPATH, SCHNITT participates at several international festivals as the Elektra Festival, Open Source Festival and Robot Festival. In the same year they launch the platform and label for audio visual artists Sync, with the focus to enlarge musical experience through concepts expressed in new forms of video and sound. SCHNITT   presents   the   audio   video   live   performance   MEMORY   CODE   a   project   focusing   on   the   visual   memory   in   museums   and   various   festivals   for   digital   art   throughout   Europe   and   in Asia, the album MEMORY CODE is released in 2019  on Sync. In   2019   SCHNITT   presents   at   the   LEV   Festival   in   collaboration   with   Gianluca   Sibaldi   the   site   -   specific   audio   video   performance   SCANAUDIENCE   which   is   based   on   the   realtime   scanning   of the audience. 2021   the   trio   performs   SCANAUDIENCE   at   the   Biennale   Némo   scanning   in   realtime   the   audience   of   the   Philharmonie   de   Paris.   SCANAUDIENCE   was   on   stage   at   this   year’s   Mutek   Montreal edition in August 2022. SCHNITT will present the premier of their new audio/video project WHITE BALANCE at the LEV Matadero Madrid
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